Helge Weber in cave country

Mein Freund Helge hatte leider keine Zeit auf mich zu warten und ist jetzt schon im cave country.

Wir stehen im ständigen Kontakt und die Bilder die er jeden Tag bei facebook einstellt lassen mich echt nervös werden, aber in zwei Wochen bin ich ja auch da.

Ausserdem hat Helge zwischenzeitlich sein neues Buch veröffentlicht. Sicherlich sehr interessant für alle, die Apeks-Regler tauchen

Titel: Wartung von APEKS-Atemreglern

ISBN 978-3-8370-3977-1

Unfortunately my friend Helge Weber didn´t have the time to wait and so he is in cave country already. we are in contact everyday and the pics he posts on facebook really make me nervous, still two more weeks to go!

Besides Helge published his new book about maintenance of APEKS regulators. For sure an interesting read for every APEKS user!

title: Wartung von APEKS Atemreglern


25. Oktober 2009 Höhlen (caves)

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  1. Helge:

    Thank you for the great map. I apologize for taking so long to get this e-mail out to you. I switched computers, lost most of my e-mail contacts and your file is in storage in Gainesville.

    What a great adventure that trip must have been. I hope out dumb government relaxes its Cuba policy soon- I would love to check out the caves there. I’ve traveled to Cuba several times, but not for diving.

    I hope this finds you well and look forward to seeing you around Cave Country in the near future.

    Very Best,


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