Truk Lagoon ( Chuuk )

Truk Lagoon, eines der highlights im Leben eines Wracktauchers. Hier ein Bericht über einen Trip auf die andere Seite des Globus von Adair Ribeiro aus Brasilien

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Truk Lagoon Odyssey – Trip Report

Our expedition to Truk Lagoon in fact was a chance. The destination of our journey would be Bikini Atol, but with the closure of operations of that island diving, the tickets already issued and paid up to Honolulu and vacation already scheduled, we had no doubt to try to find an alternative to Bikini .. . and the gods of diving conspiring in our favor, our destination was changed to Truk LAGOON – THE SHIPWRECK DIVING CAPITAL OF THE WORLD!

HISTORY: A place lost in the middle of the Pacific, Truk, Chuuk is the current name and means „mountain“ in chuukese language. Chuuk is one of the islands that comprise the Federated States of Micronesia (comprising the states of Kosrae, Pohnpei, Chuuk and Yap). An independent country since 1986, through a pact of Free Association with the United States, but completely dependent on the Americans.
During World War II, the Japanese dominated this part of the ocean and Truk Lagoon (the main atoll of the central lake) became the main port of supply of warships Japanese, who were sent there for the rest of the Pacific war against the allied forces.
On February 17, 1944, the United States attacked the Japanese ships in Chuuk – the call operation Hailstorm. There were dozens of ships – more than 60 – (so-called “Maru” – cargo ships) and over 200 Japanese aircraft were destroyed, including 2 destroyers and a submarine. Most of warships were not in Truk.
Facts: Currently, each family has a chuukese motorboat for transportation from an island to another. The curious thing is that Chuuk received a budget to improve their roads and develop the culture of the car. The government made a plebiscite to see if the people wanted to improve the road that bisects the main island. To the surprise of everyone, won the „no“, and the government bought a boat motor for each family in the country.
The shipwrecks have become artificial reefs colonized by fish, corals, sponges… an explosion of life.
Truk Lagoon has become the shipwreck diving capital of the world.

We left Sao Paulo to Dallas on October,13th with estimates of 10 hours of flight. From Dallas to Honolulu plus 8 hours of flight and an overnight in Honolulu Airport Hotel. From Honolulu to GUAM, a few more hours in an airplane … from GUAM to YAP and finally arrived at the Traders Ridge Resort – a charming English style hotel, where we stayed 2 nights and had the opportunity to do 3 dives with the company of many reef sharks and rays of the famous manta-rays (including a rare albino manta, that was one of only two that exist in YAP).
Boarded on October 19 to Guam and then to Truk Lagoon to our destination: the Truk Blue Lagoon Resort, a hotel with 54 rooms and a complete structure to divers, together with the Blue Lagoon Dive Shop – BLDS – with the museum and memorial to the founder Kimiuo Aisek.

A big structure to all types of diving .. from recreational diving to technical and rebreathers, and a team of experienced and courteous guides.


1. FUJIKAWA MARU – Max Depth: 30m/100ft – Bottom time:52’ Total Diving time: 69′ – 6 holds with bottles of sake – ZERO aircrafts and parts. One of the most popular wrecks in Truk and with large amount of corals.

Depth Superstructure 30 ft/9 m.
Deck. 60ft/18 m.
Bottom 112 ft/34 m.
Size Length 433 ft/132 m.
Gross Tonnage: 6.938 tons

2. HEIAN MARUI – Max Depth: 34m/112ft – Bottom Time: 50′- Total Diving time: 62′ – We were in the propellers – torpedo launchers. Shipwreck is capsize.

HeianMaruDepth Hull 40 ft/12 m.
Bottom 120 ft/36 m.
Size Length 509 ft/155 m.
Gross Tonnage: 11.614 tons

3. SHINKOKU MARUI – Max Depth: 40m/132’ – Bottom Time: 39’ – Total Diving time: 56′ – Penetration in the engine room and through the torpedo hole. Many soft corals.

Depth Superstructure 40 ft/12 m.
Deck. 65 ft/20 m.
Bottom 125 ft. 38 m.
Size Length 500 ft/152 m.
Gross Tonnage: 10.020 tons

4. YAMAGIRI MARUI – Max Depth: 30m/100ft – Bottom Time: 41 ‚- Total diving time: 59‘ – Holds with several drums of oil / wheel / pump / propeller
yamagiri maruDepth Superstructure 30-50 ft/9-18 m.
Bottom 110 ft/34 m.
Size Length 439 ft/133 m.
Gross Tonnage: 6.438 tons

5.NIPO MARU – Max Depth: 44m/144ft – Bottom Time:36 ‚- Total Diving Time 69′ – Holds with tanks of water / bottles of sake/ gas masks / Tank on deck/ artillery guns/ anti-tank weapons

Depth Superstructure 100 ft/30 m.
deck.130ft/40 m.
Bottom 165 ft/50 m.
Size Length 353 ft/106 m.
Gross Tonnage: 3.764 tons

6. KENSHO MARU – Max Depth: 32m/107ft – Bottom Time 40′- Total Diving Time 60‘ – Penetration in the engine room / hold / superstructure / dishes / a lot of bottles

Depth Superstructure 60 ft/18 m.
Deck. 80ft/24 m.
Bottom 130 ft/35 m.
Size Length 384 ft/116 m.
Gross Tonnage: 4.862 tons

7.HOKI MARU – Max Depth: 40m/134’ – Bottom Time:34 ‚- Total Diving Time 56′ – Penetration in the holds with construction equipments / tractors / Jeeps / Cars / drums of oil / bottles of Sake / Large quantity sponges and anemones

Depth Superstructure 110 ft/33 m.
deck.150ft/45 m.
Bottom 175 ft. 53 m.
Size Length 450ft./136m
Gross Tonnage: 7.112 tons

8.RIO DE JANEIRO MARU – Max Depth: 36m/120ft – Bottom Time: 48′- Total Diving Time 62′ – penetration in holds with boxes and boxes of sake / propellers / china and trays

Depth Hull 40-80 ft/12-24 m.
Bottom 115 ft/35 m.
Size Length 463 ft/142 m.
Gross Tonnage: 9.626 tons

9.SAN FRANCISCO MARU – Max Depth: 54m/190ft – Botton Time: 23′- Total Diving Time: 72‘ – Deck with Japanese tanks / machine guns/holds with great quantity of ammunition, bombs/truckstruk san francisco maru

Depth Superstructure 150 ft/45 m.
deck. 165ft/50 m.
Bottom 200-210ft/63 m.
Size Length 385 ft/116 m.
Gross Tonnage: 5.831 tons

10. SANKISAN MARU – Max Depth: 30m/100ft – Bottom Time:55′- Total Diving time: 65′ – Bow completely separate half by the explosion / large amount of corals / Penetration in holds with ammunition and Trucks

truk sankisan maruDepth Superstructure 50 ft
deck. 17 m/57ft.
Bottom 80 ft/26 m.
Size Length 367 ft/112 m.
Gross Tonnage: 4.776 tons

11. FUMITZUKI – Max Depth: 38m/125ft – Bottom Time:35′- Total Diving time: 65′ – One of the two existing destroyers in Truk (the other is OITE) / ammunition / very narrow ship /bow gun/ torpedo launcherr

Tonnage: 1,772 tons
Max depth 38m/125ft

12. GOSEI MARU – Max Depth: 36m/118ft – Bottom Time: 60′- Total Diving time 62′ (Multilevel) – Stern is 2.5m/8.5ft and bow 36m/108ft / multiple penetrations / bottles of sake / bottles of medicine / china / drums / engine room

Hull 8 ft2.5 m.
Bottom 118ft/36 m.
Size Length 269 ft/82 m.
Gross Tonnage: 1.931 tons

13. Submarine I-169 – Max Depth: 40m/134ft – Bottom Time: 35′- Total tiving Time:78′ – We did a complete turn around the submarine / damaged stern / unable to penetrate

Bottom Depth 40m/134ft
Size Length 336 ft.
Displacement: 1,400 tons

A trip to a fantastic place that deserves all the fame – BEST WRECK DIVING IN THE WORLD!

I´d like to share my videos – Truk Lagoon Expedition – The best wreck diving in the world – Federated States of Micronesia . .

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video 02:


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